Finding the proper candidate is key, here are the top 10 things to consider for recruiting ;
1. Desire

Does the individual have enough desire to do the job. What is it that motivates their desire to be in sales? Helping the client, money, recognition, the need to outdo themselves?

2. Grit/Tenacity

Do they have enough to do the job, sales professionals face a lot of rejection and failure, will they rise to the task or fall in the process.

3. Intelligence

Do they have the emotional intelligence and standard intelligence to understand your business and your prospective client’s business, and be able to make the link  

4. Sales knowledge

Sales is about understanding human psychology and interaction. It’s a communication skill that can be learned by some, what do they know?

5. What motivates your candidate

Understanding what motivates your future sales professional is key. You can’t drive their success if you don’t know what they are striving for.

6. Character

Do they share your Values; will they help you accomplish your Mission and Vision
7. The Interview

Do you know how to conduct a good sales interview? Are you challenging the individual? Are you looking for the right cues? Are you including a role play?
8. Pre-Selection filter

Have you created a pre-selection personalized filter? Make sure you are only meeting the candidates that meet your criteria
9. Consultative or Transactional

The consultative sales person will seek to understand the prospect’s objectives/reality before suggesting a solution. The transactional sales person seeks to convince the prospect of the solution without seeking to understand the prospect’s objectives/reality.
10. Attract the right people when posting the position

Be direct and focus on what you are looking for in a candidate. Avoid a laundry list of tasks and pre-qualifications, you will deal with these with a personalized pre-selection filter